Oil cleansing is exactly how it sounds, you cleanse your skin with an oil. It's an ancient practice that's been around for thousands of years. It involves massaging  natural oils on your face and then using a hot towel to steam away makeup, dirt, sweat and grime.

Clogging vs. Cleansing: Comedogenic and Non-Comedogenic Oils Explained:  Comedogenic oils such as coconut, mineral, wheat germ and flaxseed oil have a likelihood of clogging facial pores. They should only be used on the body, as our skin from the neck down is completely different from the skin on our faces. Non-comedogenic oils that will not clog your pores are safflower, sunflower, hemp seed, grapeseed, squalene and so many more.

 For optimal results, I suggest incorporating oil cleansing into your daily skincare routine. Personally, I've relied solely on oil cleansing for years, finding it exceptionally effective in maintaining oil balance and preventing skin issues. To enhance the cleansing process, you may choose to follow up with a water-based cleanser for a deeper cleanse if desired. 

Are you removing makeup first? I use a dropper applicator and dispense one full dropper. If you have a pump I would do about 3-4 pumps.

Oils are not hydrating, they are moisturizing. A great way to remember that is water = hydrating, oil = moisturizing. Only water based products can "hydrate" such as serums, toners, essences, water-based creams etc. You can use an oil as a moisturizer, but always apply to damp skin. Or, you can mix your cream moisturizer with a couple drops of oil.

 Using a microfiber towel offers benefits over simply rinsing off oil cleansers. When oil is rinsed, it tends to slide off, leaving behind residue. Since oil creates a barrier, it needs to be physically removed. A microfiber towel aids in softening debris on the skin with water and steam, while the oil attracts impurities from the pores. The towel acts like a magnet, effectively removing debris as you wipe, leaving pores clean.

As for massaging oil into the face, focus on the intention and technique that suits your skin best. Customize your movements and areas of attention.


Oil cleansing preserves our skin's microbiome by avoiding stripping the skin or altering its pH balance. Unlike water-based products, which can disrupt the skin's natural regenerative process by altering pH, oil maintains the skin's balance. This characteristic makes it suitable for all skin types.

There's no specific skin type that shouldn't oil cleanse—all skin types benefit from it.

For individuals with oily or acne-prone skin, oil cleansing is particularly advantageous. By dissolving excess oil, it helps regulate oil production while maintaining the skin's microbiome. Give it a try, and observe the transformation of your skin within 3-4 weeks.


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